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So you are at the Family/Neigborhood BBQ. Everyone is wearing an Apron from the local Big Box Store. You are waltzing in with an Apron featuring a New York City Artist, Gaye Elise Beda's Artwork. Can you say "I support living Women Artists" any better?


When the barbecue sauce starts splattering our cotton twill aprons come in handy. It has side pockets to keep your important grilling utensils handy, or to just hold your belongings while you play grill master. These beautiful aprons feature Artwork from Gaye Elise Beda, a New York City Fine Arts Artist.

Standard Size                                                                       Long Size

Dimensions: 24” length x 28” width                    Dimensions: 30” length x 24” width

Kid size  

Dimensions: 20" length x 15" width

 Made from a 35/65 cotton-poly twill blend

For more information about the career of the Artist, Gaye Elise Beda, Check out www.gayeelisebeda.com