Dusk at Freedom's Birthplace Leather Duffle Bag

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112.00 Ounces

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Traveling, fitness, shopping, there are few bags as versatile as the duffle bag. Made from 100% Nappa leather and handcrafted by leatherworkers in our The Untied Kingdom facility, Coming in two available sizes with internal pockets, your beautifully printed duffle bags are perfect for short and long trips away. While most duffle bags have been mass-produced with little attention to quality, we handcraft every Gaye Elise Beda bag using proven leather working skills. This combination of quality and care provides a bag that is unmissable.

  • 100% Bubble Nappa leather
  • Available in two generous sizes
  • Luxury hand-painted edges
  • Handcrafted with pride by leatherworkers in-house